The Sports Edition now available!  
Thinner materials, sporty outlook. Very limited stock

The basenji winter jacket

The BACCI jacket-  tailor made for the basenji

The garment is designed to keep the basenji warm in  the winter, on shorter walks specially in urban areas. Collar-band or a harness can be used below the jacket and the leash can be attached to them through a "key-hole".

It is designed to fit the breed perfectly. It allows the dog to move freely without any excess material on the back or below; it will not come off when running in snow. Dogs delicate parts are not covered so it can answer the call of nature any time. The membrane-textile material on top layer keeps the coat dry but breathes. Double fleece on the inside keeps the dog warm. However with low temperatures we advise that you observe your dog constantly even if it is wearing the coat. This model is meant only for short walks 20-30 minutes in low temperatures. 

Its very easy to dress the dog. Both the collar and the jacket  have a velcro so there is no need to pull the jacket over the dogs head - just place the jacket on the ground, place the dog on it, and wrap up:)

2015-2015 colors are gray body  and turqoise collar.

The garment is developed and copyrighted by Molamola Product Design LTD.